Version 2.0.1: March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007: Version 2.0.1:

  • Medals report printing is now disabled if no Medal Set is specified
  • Print menus are now available at each level of the Entries/Events hierarchy: Regatta, Event, Stage and Race. Each prints results for the races contained within the entity.
  • New Athlete context menu option for recording the receipt of waivers
  • Recognizes new Regatta Central scratched field.
  • Fast View Bar removed.
  • Bug fix: Scratched crews are no longer assigned to races, when Workbench creates Stage and Races.
  • Default file name for data-only files changed to make it more unique. It now includes the string 'data-only'
  • Fixed thread-safety issue with shared diagnostic List collection in DiagnosticContentProvider.
  • New DockMaster report. The three variants of this report are concise, standard and wide.
  • Bug fix: In the unusual case where a scratched Crew was assigned to a Race, result reports incorrectly displayed the Net Time field 'OK'. Now the Net Time field correctly reflects the status of the crew (scratched, protesting, etc.) (thanks for Dan O'Neill finding this bug)
  • Added ZeroPointsComputation for races without need for computing team points
  • Changing the team points computation now takes effect immediately after a change and no longer requires a restart of Regatta Workbench.
  • AdvanceSelector label now updates properly when its 'Target Stage' attribute is updated
  • 6 new results reports and results editor