1. What is Regatta Workbench?

    Regatta Workbench is a free rowing regatta results management platform designed to leverage and demonstrate the power an open computing platform and data standards for the management of rowing regatta information. 

  2. What is the Regatta Workbench Project?

    The Project is dedicated to providing a robust, easy-to-use, platform for the development of integrated tools across the full regatta lifecycle. It is composed of three subprojects, Regatta Workbench Platform, Regatta Markup Language (RML), and Regatta Workbench Tools.

    The success of the Regatta Workbench platform depends on how well it enables contributors to the regatta management process to build integrated tools and products across the whole regatta information lifecycle. These contributors include news publishers, regatta registrars, local organizing committees, governing bodies and others. The mission of the Regatta Workbench Project is to adapt and evolve the Regatta Workbench platform, the Regatta Markup Language and associated tools to meet the needs of the rowing regatta community, so the vision of Regatta Workbench and RML as a widely adopted platform is realized.

  3. How many regattas have used Regatta Workbench? Is it ready for prime time?

    Workbench started its life in 2003 as a replacement for a results spreadsheet for the Jack Speakmon Memorial Regatta, a head race held in Columbus, Ohio. Since then it has grown and matured.

    As free software, there's no way of telling how many regattas are using Regatta Workbench. One indicator are those that have loaded the tool and downloaded their regatta entries from Regatta Central. Another adoption indicator is using the number of regattas that have posted results generated by Regatta Workbench. Since the phrase "Created using Regatta Workbench" is printed at the bottom of results reports, a Google search finds results generated by Regatta Workbench.
    In 2011, these 150 regattas downloaded RML from Regatta Central using Regatta Workbench:

    1. SWEAT (Southwest Ergometer Amateur Tournament)
    2. Midwest Championship Erg Sprint
    3. Sarasota Invitational
    4. St. Louis Sprints
    5. Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta/I-70 Challenge
    6. Tampa Mayors Cup
    7. 1st Manny Flick / Horvat Series
    8. Lake Lenape Sprints I
    9. Murphy Cup
    10. St. Louis Gateway Regatta
    11. Lanier Sprints
    12. 2nd Manny Flick / Horvat Series
    13. Bachman Junior Invitational Sculling Shootout
    14. Jacksonville Invitational/N. Florida/S. Georgia Regional Championship
    15. USRowing Collegiate Championships
    16. Lake Lenape Sprints II
    17. Clemson Sprints Regatta
    18. Covered Bridge Regatta
    19. 3rd Manny Flick / Horvat Series
    20. Passaic River Northern NJ Championship Regatta
    21. Lake Lenape Sprints III
    22. 14th Annual Saratoga Invitational
    23. 4th Manny Flick / Horvat Series
    24. Hoover Invitational
    25. Mercer Lake/ISA Sculling Championships
    26. 5th Manny Flick / Horvat Series
    27. National Selection Regatta I / Speed Order
    28. New York State Collegiate Championships
    29. Augusta Invitational Regatta
    30. Cincinnati High School Invitational
    31. MACRA Championships
    32. Garden State Scholastic Championships
    33. Cooper Cup
    34. Robert White Regatta
    35. Long Island Junior Rowing Championships
    36. Central Youth Rowing Championships
    37. Atlantic County High School Championships
    38. Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta
    39. St. Mary's Crew Classic
    40. City Championships
    41. National Selection Regatta II
    42. Southeast Youth Championship Regatta
    43. New York State Scholastic Championships
    44. Florida Masters Regatta
    45. USRowing Mid-Atlantic Junior District Championships
    46. Midwest Scholastic Rowing Championship
    47. Mayors Cup Regatta
    48. The North American Junior B/C Championship Regatta
    49. USRowing SW Junior Regional Championship
    50. USRowing NW Junior District Championship
    51. Midwest Junior Rowing Championship
    52. BLAST (Bachman Lake Annual Sprint Trials)
    53. USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships
    54. Broad River Sculls
    55. Ohio Governors Cup Regatta
    56. Stotesbury Cup Regatta
    57. SRAA National Championships Regatta
    58. Michigan Scholastic Rowing Championship Regatta
    59. Stonewall Regatta
    60. MPSRA Spring Championship
    61. USRowing NW Masters Regional Championship
    62. USRowing Youth National Championship
    63. Midwest Masters Sprints
    64. Schuylkill Navy Regatta
    65. Rocketts Landing Masters Sprints
    66. Festival Regatta
    67. OKC Riversport Masters Regatta
    68. The Grand Regatta (State Games of Michigan)
    69. Boulder Sprints
    70. Catch the Cooper Masters Regatta
    71. USRowing U23 World Championship Trials
    72. USRowing National Championships
    73. Independence Day Regatta
    74. Cromwell Cup
    75. USRowing SW Masters Regional Championship
    76. USRowing Club National Championships
    77. Cascadia Masters Regatta
    78. Philadelphia Youth Regatta
    79. 15th Annual Halifax Summer Regatta
    80. Michigan Club Invitational Regatta
    81. Methuen City Sprints
    82. USRowing Senior World Championship Trials
    83. Sweeps and Sculls Regatta
    84. Quaker City Masters Regatta
    85. USRowing Masters National Championships
    86. Pan American Games Trials
    87. Textile River Regatta
    88. GMS Regatta
    89. Strong Island Sprints
    90. Carnegie Lake Regatta
    91. Walter Mess Regatta
    92. Petaluma River Marathon and Half Marathon
    93. Head of the Cuyahoga
    94. Head of the Grand Regatta
    95. Steerhead Regatta
    96. Head of the Merrimack
    97. Tail of the Fish
    98. Head of the Hudson
    99. Lift Bridge Regatta
    100. Frogtown Races
    101. Head of the Ohio
    102. Head of the Orchard/Round the Apple
    103. Spartan Sweepstakes Regatta
    104. OCU Head of the Oklahoma
    105. Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta
    106. Row for the Cure - Portland
    107. The Grand River Challenge
    108. Head of the Christina
    109. Columbus Fall Classic
    110. New England Junior & High School Regional Championship Regatta
    111. Trinity Quad Cities Classic Regatta
    112. Head of the Broad
    113. Hot Head Regatta
    114. The Schuylerskiff North America
    115. Navy Day Regatta
    116. New Hampshire Championships Regatta
    117. First Coast Head Race
    118. Hobbs Island Regatta
    119. Head of the Indian Creek
    120. Anytown Demo Regatta
    121. Head of the Passaic
    122. Tail of the Tiger
    123. American Lake Fall Classic
    124. Speakmon Memorial Regatta
    125. Wine Country Rowing Classic
    126. Blake Haxton Fall Invitational
    127. PCF 2.25 Regatta
    128. Head of the Fish
    129. Head of the American
    130. Head of the Eagle
    131. Head of the Hidden Dragon
    132. Princeton 3-Mile Chase
    133. MPSRA Fall State Championship
    134. Halloween Regatta
    135. Portland Fall Classic
    136. Portland LO/OP Regatta: Head of the Willamette since 1989
    137. BIAC Fall Regatta
    138. Head of the Port
    139. Merrimack Chase
    140. Long Island Frostbite Regatta
    141. Head of the South
    142. Philadelphia Turn & Burn
    143. Hutchinson Cup Regatta
    144. Head of the Estuary
    145. Snowflake Regatta
    146. Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta
    147. Melbourne Head Regatta
    148. Head of the Giblet
    149. Long Beach Invitational
    150. San Diego Crew Classic