Version 2.2: September 18, 2009

Version 2.2: General Improvements and

Auto-Save Feature

A new auto-save feature is configurable to periodically write your RML to disk. This feature is integrated with Regatta Workbench's command undo/redo stack, so the feature knows when there are unsaved changes. The first unsaved change triggers that starting of the auto-save feature and any actions that brings the in-memory model in sync with the currently saved version will reset it.

An optional auto-save monitor can be configured to show in the Regatta Workbench status line that displays the auto-save current state and time (in seconds) remaining before the next auto-save.


Athlete and Placeholder Athlete Quick-Add

To help streamline the creation of new crew entries, a new group of fields and actions have been added to the New Crew wizard that make adding new athletes much easier. To help locate placeholder athletes later when the athlete informaton becomes available, unique placeholder athletes are created with auto-generated first name (Event number) and the last name (Placeholder number).

New Crew Sort Option

Sorting racing crews by bow number was added.


Single column version of the head race schedule report

HTML versions of multi-column reports don't show well, so a single column version of the Head Race Schedule report was added.

New LiveCapture tools for head races

This new dedicated head race result capture tool is designed for one purpose: capturing, editing and transmitting results collected from any timing milestones along a race course. It's a completely separate download and standalone tool that uses the same RML file format as base Regatta Workbench. This view shows the sequential live split capture editor.

This shows the Race View and the context menu used to publish data to the Results Publisher server.

FTP Synchronization

New Site Explorer and Synchronize view enable one- or two-way replication of files between the Regatta Workbench filesystem workspace and any FTP or WebDAV server. Synchronization can be scheduled at given time intervals and the tool monitors the workspace for changes, so the network is accessed only when changes have been detected. One common use case for this is the uploading of results reports to a web site.

Multi-day regatta support added to Head Race Schedule Report

The head race schedule report now supports multi-day regattas.

Support for additional handicap systems

Previously only USRowing's handicap system was supported, now two new systems have been added: Linear Age and RowOntario. Also, now new handicap computations can more easily be plugged into Regatta Workbench using a new plugin extension point.

Printing heat sheets for selected races

A heat sheet report including only selected races can now be printed from the Race Schedule tab. This can be useful for posting lane assignments after a progression, but before the results have been collected.

New feature