Version 1.1.7: November 10, 2005

Event and Race Schedule Improvements

Sorting Events and Race Schedule

The Event list and the Race Schedule are now sortable by several different criteria. It is convenient to be able to sort these when external import sources for the regatta data, such as, RegattaCentral, do not guarantee the order in which the events will arrive. The Regatta object's context menu now provides sort actions by three criteria:

The Race Schedule is now sortable by race start time and race number.

In addition, an menu option has been added (also shown above) to derive the race and break time slot durations from the existing start times of each race. For this to work properly, the Race Schedule should be sorted in start time order. The durations are computed by successively subtracting the start time of one race from the next in the order they are listed. This is most useful for head races, where the races inherit their start times from the event list, but durations may not be accurate.

New Reporting Features

Athlete Index Report

The reporting engine now provides a report cross-referencing athletes to the events they are entered in. This report is useful for printed race programs. The report comes in 1, 2, 3 and 4 column versions. Here's a snippet from the data in one column:

As with other Workbench reports, it can be exported to many different formats, making it flexible for insertion into a word processing document.

Results Publishing Server

Results are now accessible though the internally embedded web application server. For regattas with network access between workstations on race day, this can speed the process of distributing results information. Here's a snippet clipped from a browser displaying the formatted results web page listing each race and its status:


The page provides three options for viewing and printing results:

  1. Individual race results available in HTML, RTF and PDF using the links on the right side
  2. Combined results from multiple races in a single report, by selecting the checkboxes and clicking one of the submit buttons at the bottom of the page, and
  3. Individual race results in plain HTML format intended for viewing rather than printing, accessible using the race name links.