Version 1.1.8: March 12, 2006


New and Noteworthy Archives:

November 10, 2005: 1.1.7

Version 1.1.8: General Improvements and Enhancements

New Results View

Added new Results View to show race results for a single or collection of races. Previously, the only way to see results was to preview or print the results report. Selecting one or more entities in the Navigator displays results for a collection of races appropriate for that entity:

  • Regatta -> results for all races in the regatta
  • Event -> races in the selected event(s)
  • Stage -> races in the selected stage(s)
  • Race -> a single race
  • Crew -> all the races this crew is entered in
  • Racing Crew -> the race in which the selected racing crew(s) is/are assigned
  • Organization -> all races this organization has entered
  • Athlete -> all races this athlete has entered

The option to print a results report containing the customized list of races in many formats is provided in the toolbar menu.

Bow Number Assignments for Selected Races

Previously, bow numbers were assigned in all races within a whole day. This better supports hybrid races that have both sprint and head style races. Also, better supports head races where bow numbers are reused per event

Combining Duplicate Athletes

Duplicate athletes can now be compined into a unique athlete using a new context menu. All crew member references to the duplicate athletes will be redirected to point to the new unique athlete record.

RML Versioning and Upgrade-On-Load Capability

Previously, Workbench could only read the most current RML version. Now the RML version, release and modification are part of the RML file. These are used to pick the right upgrade path to bring the older file version up to the current release.

Also, improved the RML load dialog progress meter with more information about the upgrade process:

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Changed the RML namespace to "rml" from "regatta" and from a local XML Schema file reference to ""
  • Save As dialog now defaults to the current file name
  • New compressed file format: a zip archive. Workbench uses the file name extension to determine whether the file is compressed or not. Files with the .rml extension are uncompressed, while files with the .rmz extension are compressed. Saving an existing uncompressed RML file with the new .rmz extension will cause Workbench to compress it. Eventually, the zip archive may contain files other than the rml, such as images or other binary files linked with the regatta.
  • Default save format for regattas is compressed RMZ archive.
  • Moved race format attribute (head, sprint, indoor) to the Stage from its original home within Event. This allows events with multiple race types, e.g. head heats for large events.
  • Results reports can now include both head and sprint results. A page break will occur when there is a change in format type to reprint the header properly, since head and sprint races have slightly different data.
  • Bug fix: Reports menu now appears properly when a regatta is loaded.
  • Saving a file now discards any dangling references
  • Deletions of objects in the navigator now triggers the nullifying or deletion of any referenced objects.
  • Added event age validations for maximum and minimum crew average ages and individual member ages
  • Added event validation checks for maximum number of allowable entries per organization and maximum total number of allowable entries
  • Help system added with basic outline of content
  • Upgraded ECF components to v0.7.2, modified ECF and ClientPreferencePage to add option to start/stop embedded collaboration server
  • Upgraded base Eclipse to 3.1.1
  • ECF Collaboration Chat connection dialog now saves the last connection URL


New Progression Features

Progression Selector Rules

Added ability to specify progression advancement rules using a new entity type called an Advance Selectors. Advance Selectors can be created as children of a stage and specify the selection criteria for advancement and the target stage the progressed crews advance to.

The interface has been updated in a couple way to accomodate the selectors. First, an arrow decorator has been added to a Racing Crew's icon, signifying that this crew has been selected to advance based on the rules specified in this stage's Advance Selector(s). Second, the stage title now reflects the total number of crews to be selected from this stage:


New Progression Wizard

Advancing crews to the next stage can complex, so a new progression wizard guides the race day user through the process.

In step one, the wizard selects the crews to advance based on the Advance Selectors and presents a view of all the competitors, allowing the user to change the automated selection decision by manually checking or unchecking the crews:


Once the crews are selected, the races in the new stage are created and the crews are assigned lanes, based on the target stage's Lane Assignment Method attribute. If a manual override of the lane assignments is necessary, crews can be dragged and dropped in a new order and :


And after a manual adjustment of the racing crew order, a race context menu action provides the ability to renumber the crew's lanes:

After the finish button is pressed, the races and racing crews are added to the target (advanced-to) stage. If there are pre-existing races already in the target stage, these pre-existing race are filled with the advancing racing crews.


The simple progression system available in previous versions is still in place and has been improved with more detailed and self-explanatory messages. This menu system is only available when multiple source races are selected. This system does not use the Advance Selectors for crew selection, but rather the selection criteria and race target selected through the multi-level menu system: