Version 1.2.0: September 12, 2006

September 12, 2006: Version 1.2.0:

  • Fixed bug in Modified Barnes Points System where crews with place greater than 4th were being awarded points even though another crew from the same crew was entered in the race
  • Upgraded JasperReports to v1.2.2. Report compiler now using Eclipse JDT Compiler. Only dependency left on JDK compiler is Tomcat instance used for Results server.
  • 'Progress Crews...' action now only appears on pop-up menus for stages with Advance Selectors.
  • Changed results report: "Event" string -> "Race"
  • Added Regatta Workbench promotional hyper-link to results report
  • The team points report is now sorted by total team points in descending order
  • Fixed bug when automatically creating heats and stages: for races where the Progression System requires a two-part Advance Selector, the second selector needed to be "next best time" vs. "top_time"
  • Changed action names in the Race context sub-menu for assigning crews. These action names now include the stroke name to make it easier identify a particular crew
  • Added ability to handle Exhibition racing crews in races. These are crews where their results are recorded as usual for the race, but the results do not count toward any awards or points. Changed results view and results reports to accommodate this new Racing Crew status.
  • Support for Exhibition crews: Added new sub-menu in the Race context menu for assigning crews from other events to a race.
  • Bug fix: When format for Stage is changed, close any open editors for races within that Stage.
  • Enhancement: Allows for manual override of placing with a race. Referees will sometimes rule in the case of lane violations and other circumstances where a crew's progress is impeded by another, that the official placing of the crews should be changed. The new feature accommodates both the same placing for two separate crews (e.g. two silver medals) and the manual rearrangement of the placing of all or some of the racing crews.
  • Added comment attribute to Racing Crew. Displayed in red on results reports below the crew name. Designed to be used for exceptional circumstances that need to be documented in the official results.
  • Added scratched decorator to Event
  • Corrected validation logic for unassigned crews to recognize scratched events
  • Updated results report to use styled text
  • Reduced size of logo image on team points report to accommodate longer regatta titles
  • When user hits cancel button in the report Save As... dialog, now cancellation occurs w/o a fuss. Before this fix, an error dialog complained about the lack of a report file name being specified
  • Fixed bug when dragging and dropping a Crew from one Event to another --- the Crew Contact's Invoice line item was removed, but not re-added. (Thanks to Ken Goodman for finding this bug)
  • Bug fix: when changing the Contact for a Crew, the Invoice line items now move to the new contact's Invoice
  • Suggestion from Ken Goodman (thanks, Ken): "Create color coded race status markers. It is very difficult with 40-50 races (and more heats) to know which ones are opened, closed, printed, preliminary, and final. Either automatic or manual. Un-opened races are as always. When you have a race opened in the timing screen, highlight or put a color status dot next to it (green) so you can easily refer to and fine your position in the schedule. Multiple open, multiple green. When you have keyed times and closed the window, the race could turn yellow so you know which races have data keyed. You could have other colors manually assigned for preliminary, printed, and official. These would really help you organize. When your have races opened and expanded, are working on two to three races at a time, wondering if you have printed the results, preliminary or final, printed to the web site, it all gets to be a very confusing organizational task . Anything to help identify the race location in the schedule and its status." The Race Schedule now uses color coded icons to indicate whether a race is being edited (green icon), the active race editor (green icon with clock decorator), brown icon for unedited results, orange icon for partially entered results, purple icon for completely entered results, trophy icon for complete results and finalized race.
  • Suggestion from Sean Nangle: Added Event context menu for sorting Crews by crew average age and by crew seed
  • Added validation logic to flag error when Event Race Course is not set (null).
  • Fixed bug in crew member age validation of crew members. Coxswains are no longer included in the min and max age checks.
  • Fixed bug where Packet Prep report would not print if Contact first name was not provided.
  • Upgraded to Eclipse 3.2 and EMF 2.2
  • Delete actions now remove any references to the deleted entities. If there there are references to the deleted entity, a dialog will show allowing the user to see the implications of their delete action.
  • Disallowed removal of the the last race course
  • Source code now included with base distribution in each plugin
  • New help view (see screenshot)
  • Version-related updates: changed splash screen, plug-in versions, application version (shows in About window)
  • New race results cell editor widget for time fields
  • Add new split import wizard for XNote and FinishLynx file formats
  • To enable the sharing of sample regattas, a feature to scramble sensitive personal and organizational information stored in the regatta has been added. Athlete names, contact information and organizational references referenced throughout the regatta are replaced.
  • New updater feature now allows online upgrades of Regatta Workbench. As new versions are released, the update site will be populated with the latest components. Available through the help menu.
  • New Regatta Wizard changes:
  1. Create-regatta-from-scratch option now works. Previously, only the RegattaCentral import worked. 
  2. User must now fully traverse all the pages of the RegattaCentral import wizard before the "Finish" button is enabled. 

  • Race results editor updates: 
  1. Caret now defaults to the first character in the field rather than the last. 
  2. Combo widget for the Crew Status and Place Override columns changed to CCombo from Combo for a flat, more readable appearance during editing.